Their making a doco

about us!

BBBC Presents:

We Kill Clowns

Strait forward innit? We find clowns and we unclown them. They no longer haunt you at nite with their gross hair or chat nose. 

You spot a clown? Send us a cheeky, we'll take care of it. No more clown. You're welcome.

Full doco dropping Nov 19


Keeping the clown population down, one day at a time. Chuck us your tips about clown sightings and we'll jump on it and unclown them ASAP> like probably the next day. 3 days max. Clown Killers. We Kill Clowns. 

Submit Clown Sighting

Hello sailor. Got a spicy one for us? Drop us a line to or submit a cheeky message below. We legit go thru every single one, so don't worry fam. You will be heard. A clown keeper's promise.

Wanna join our crew?

Well you can't.

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