Some fat cats are making a doco about us!

Legit woke up one day and saw a cheeky message from the BBBC saying they froth our work and they wanna make a doco about us.

How sick is that!

Straight to your telly. 

Release in late 2020, watch out for ya girl. We gunna do some signings soon too yeah?

I'll sign anything.

Bring a watermelon, I don't care.

In the mood for a "show bible"? Get one now 

I dunno, a producer said it once.

You should get one but, its good


Keeping the clown population down, one day at a time. Chuck us your tips about clown sightings and we'll jump on it and unclown them ASAP> like probably the next day. 3 days max. Clown Killers. We Kill Clowns. 

Submit Clown Sighting

Hello sailor. Got a spicy one for us? Drop us a line to or submit a cheeky message below. We legit go thru every single one, so don't worry fam. You will be heard. A clown keeper's promise.

Wanna join our crew?

Well you can't.

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