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What's there to say? We kill clowns.

Well that's about it m9s.  Strait forward innit?


We find clowns and we unclown them. They no longer haunt you at nite with their weird nose or chat hair. We're like a really, really dedicated police station, for finding clowns and turning them into normal people. Detectives. Yeah.

You spot a clown? send us a cheeky text or slide straight into our insta DMs. We'll jump on the unclowning ASAP ==> As Soon Aas Parks&Recreation finishes.

Theirs too much space here so heres a joke - how do you get a clown to stop laughing?

Text me I'll tell you the answer ... 0430 499 870

Ur fav naybourhood clown killers:










I'm Joey - I say shit you don't want ya mum to hear and do things that'll haunt your dreams. I don't particularly go looking for trouble but it always finds me. If you're in the mood for a sesh, gimme a call.

Bit of a short screw in the old picnic box he is. Nah jks, Vlads OK. Been with me in the muck with this clown shit for as long as i can remeber. 

Honestly i don't kjnow what the deal is with this chick aye, she froths CLown Killers and like, reckons she's got a natural gift for unclowning clowns. She hangs around. We let her chill cos she usually has nuggets.

I dunno, a producer said it once.

You should get one but, its good

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